Underground polyethylene gas lines are typically used to transport high pressure natural and propane gas. This pipe has many great benefits, but like other plastics it is inherently weak and does not stand up to direct hits by excavating tools. Industry professionals know how frequently underground gas lines are hit and compromised. Damage to the gas line can be caused by anyone digging on a property for any reason. At the very least a broken gas line will cause a stressful emergency situation, costly repair, and the expense of losing gas, after which the gas line still remains unprotected. A leaking underground gas line also has the ability to go undetected for a long period of time causing a considerable reoccurring expense.


Installing Shovel Barrier creates a safer installation. Shovel Barrier is able to provide three in one functionality; direct protection, warning labeling, and a locatable wire. It is a cost effective simple way of adding a layer protection to underground utility lines. The barriers synthetic properties make for long lasting protection against excavation by hand tools. Shovel Barrier adds the needed time for recognition of the gas line that is being hit before causing a leak and provides additional peace of mind for property owners utilizing the many benefits of gas powered appliances and equipment.