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Shovel Barrier is highly portable, coming in 150 foot to 325 foot long compact rolls that are easily stored and transported. The product provides significant impact and cut protection in addition to having an extreme tensile strength. It can either be laid directly on the gas line or it can be applied in typical warning tape fashion above the gas line. A twist on connector is provided with each roll to connect the tracer wire together for runs that require multiple rolls of Shovel Barrier. After there has been full coverage of the underground gas line, the barrier is cut off the roll and the normal backfill process of the trench is continued.

Shovel Barrier simplifies underground pipe protection by providing a protective barrier, warning text/APWA Uniform Color Code identification specification, and a copper-clad steel tracer wire all in one product. It is constructed in a weave that gives it the strength and flexibility to help protect PE pipe by bringing excavation to a halt when encountered. Shovel Barrier is manufactured from thermoplastic material that will endure in a underground environment. 

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